Mediation offers the opportunity for each party to present their needs and interests to determine if there is a chance for a satisfactory resolution that is mutually agreed upon. In Utah, mediation is generally required for divorces before proceeding to litigation in the event of a resolution not being reached. Some benefits of reaching resolution through mediation include saving time and money as it can be less costly than litigation. It can also help to maintain the relationship between the parties which is particularly good if there are children involved. And ultimately, mediation allows the parties to have more control over the outcome in their situation than they will have if they proceed to court. 

Here at Sorensen Witherspoon, we strive to balance the needs and wants of our clients while ensuring we get things done in a timely manner. Our mediators are highly experienced and have worked through numerous types of conflicts to find resolution. No matter the situation or conflict, odds are our mediators have navigated through something similar in the past. In working with us, we make sure our clients know and understand every aspect of the process up front and because our mediators are also attorneys, they can give all the info they need from top to bottom, and have a deep understanding of the important aspects of negotiation. 

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