Sam Sorensen


Sam is an experienced Family Law attorney, court-appointed Private Guardian ad litem, and Special Master. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Family Law section of the Utah State Bar and a frequent presenter and supporter at seminars for the Utah Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC).

With many years spent as a Special Master and Guardian ad Litem, Sam has a deep understanding of court proceedings and litigation in every aspect of family law. He puts unprecedented focus on understanding and providing thorough information regarding an individual’s unique circumstances and is able to see through the weeds on cases to guide clients to a resolution. His work as a Guardian ad Litem allows him to deal with cases from the child’s perspective, giving him a deep understanding of issues dealing with child custody, estrangement, and alienation situations.

Sam has been recognized as a top family law attorney, including as one of Utah’s Legal
Elite by Utah Business Magazine, and as a Mountain States Super Lawyer. He was also
the recipient of the Pro Bono Attorney of the Year award by the Utah Chapter of the
Federal Bar Association for his work on an international child abduction case.

“I do my very best to help people get through tough times. I am a family law
attorney—which means I help people going through divorces and custody disputes. I try to help my clients focus on moving forward rather than dwelling in the past. I do my very best to guide clients through the Court process and am dedicated to preparing my clients for their case through honest, straightforward advice.

“Expert knowledge, however indispensable, is no substitute for a generous and comprehending outlook upon the human story with all its sadness and with all its unquenchable hope.”


Samuel J. Sorensen

Rated by Super Lawyers

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Testimonials and Client Feedback

Need I say more as to why you should retain him too?

When my attorney (Sam Sorensen) calls me after business hours to update on a matter that could have waited till the next business day when he could be with his family who I could hear in the background, it spoke volumes through action as to the type of professionalism, commitment and most importantly, empathy, for a client that had been waiting 4 months for a resolution that took him only 2 weeks since retaining to complete. Need I say more as to why you should retain him too?


He was efficient, honest, and affordable

I worked with Sam Sorensen on our family trust. He was efficient, honest, and affordable. I have referred several friends to him.


Patient, Kind, and Honest

Wouldn’t have anyone else represent us. We have been working with Sam Sorensen & Colby Harmon for over 8yrs. They have always been patient, kind and most of all, honest. Having trust and open communication with your attorney is essential when you’re going through such a hard time.


Knowledgable, skilled, and has the ear of the court.

I’ve had Sam as opposing counsel and as a Guardian Ad Litem on a number of cases. He is one of the best attorneys that I know. Knowledgeable, skilled, has the ear of the court, and also happens to be a great human being.


Immediately put at ease with his honest and caring advice

I hired Sam Sorensen as my attorney at an extremely difficult time. Sam handled a situation from my divorce that had become increasingly stressful and financially devastating. I was immediately put at ease by his honest and caring advice. He was professional and compassionate and guided me through a successful solution. His legal advice and knowledge was monumental in helping me move forward to secure the financial stability for me and my children. He was extremely responsive to my calls and emails. His team was efficient, professional and understanding of my ongoing situation. I know Sam is in my corner should I ever need legal advice from this point forward. I appreciate everything he has done for me and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance regarding family law.


Sam was extremely caring, smart, knowledgable and an excellent listener

From my very first meeting with Sam, to his presence at my mediation sessions, to further meetings to conclude my divorce case, Sam was extremely caring, smart, knowledgable and an excellent listener. His professionalism was top notch and I couldn't have chosen a better attorney to guide and support me throughout the process. Also, his legal assistant Amanda was on top of everything, so kind and always able to take my calls or emails when needed. I am very grateful to Sam for his representation and continued support in my life.

Kyle Witherspoon

Kyle Witherspoon


Sam Sorensen

Sam Sorensen